Finding Our Founders

Feature Film - Shooting Spring 2016

What it is: A middle school principal and historical re-enactor finds himself in hot water when the mayor discovers he is sleeping with his wife.  Rather than capitulate, the re-enactor legally changes his name to George Washington and threatens to run against the mayor as the historical figure George Washington.

What we’re trying to do: As is the case with any feature film project we’re trying to tell a story, but we’re doing so in a new and innovative way.  We will utilize traditional fundraising methods to secure part of the funding for this project, but we will gain much of our funding by utilizing crowd-sourcing methods like Kickstarter, and through an integrated advertising campaign that encourages businesses to advertise with our film to help market both our film and products of businesses.

Why it matters: Finding our Founders is a feature film project that is part of the Living History Initiative.  The Living History Initiative is a bold, multi-faceted approach aimed at changing the way creative content is delivered to consumers.  There are three steps towards achieving the goals of the Living History Initiative.  The first goal is to fund our feature film: Finding Our Founders.  The second goal is to get our series Living History on the air.  Our third goal is to use integrated advertising and marketing so that no commercial interruptions are necessary during our original programming. 

What you can do to help: Donate a little bit of your time or money.  This is a massive project that is taking on major interests including the entire collective efforts of years of for profit film companies.  Whether you’re a web-savvy product designer, a costume designer, a casting director, or just a writer with some free time we believe that with the help of the American people our effort to make this project a reality is at hand.  Furthermore we believe that our grassroots campaign can go up against the giants of the industry and show them the promise of our business model in the process.

Why we're doing this: We believe that the status quo in film and television is unacceptable.  We can put better content out there and together with the American people we believe we can show that the current model of television and film distribution is fundamentally flawed and that there is a better model that can produce better content at a lower cost.  This is different than independent filmmaking because this isn’t just a movie or a series, everything is related.  The film leads to the series and the series brings our integrated ad model to life.  If we can prove that outsiders can succeed in putting together a professional production featuring quality creative content then we believe there will be even better opportunities in the future for artists and businesses who want to do something different to promote their ideas.