Current Projects

Living History Productions always has something in the works as the mind of an artist is never at rest - and we have many talented artists on our team!  Check out what's currently in the works and come back often for updates on these and future projects.


This is Flyball - Documentary Film

This is Flyball focuses on the competitive world of flyball and  shows how the lives of members of a Wisconsin flyball team are affected as they attempt a transition to new leadership.  This is Flyball showcases the unique sport of flyball, shows how people and animals deal with change and chronicles the journey of individual members of the team as they try to work together to build a new flyball team that can compete in the future.  




A middle school principal and historical re-enactor finds himself in hot water when the mayor discovers he is sleeping with his wife.  Rather than capitulate, the re-enactor legally changes his name to George Washington and threatens to run against the mayor as the historical figure George Washington.  


Visions of a Different World - Feature Film

After the death of his wife, Brad Strong returns to his hometown with his teenage son, Luke in hopes of starting over.  Brad stays with his sister Sarah and her husband Ted who used to be a pick-up artist.  Since his mother’s death, Luke has been studying the art of pickup and upon arrival encourages Ted to get back into the game.