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The problem with media in one chart:

Creative development in American media is controlled by just six companies.  This is a significant problem.  This isn't even the scary part though.  These six companies are colluding with another ten companies to control every aspect of what we see.

Commercial media in America is payed for by these corporations.  What you have in the marketplace is an "Illusion of Choice."  Companies think that by offering you a "selection" of goods to buy that you will buy a product produced by one of their companies and that you will be content with that product because it's all you're being exposed to.  Psychologists have a term for this.  They call it the "fallacy of options."  When one entity provides you with the only options available and presents that as being evidence of the plethora of choices available then you are being presented with a fallacy.  This is why the selection of products available to you is simply an illusion. 

We believe that you should have a real choice.  We believe that rather than controlling the market and dictating to you what you can and cannot watch that business and media should adopt a different model, one that benefits the consumer instead of their collective bottom lines. 

The problem with current brand-integration in one chart:

This chart may not meaning anything to the average consumer, but in the entertainment industry these seven methods are the only ones available for businesses to integrate their products into media.  We believe that not only is this system outdated, but that it is also incredibly ineffective.  Viewers don't want to be told what to do and that's what six out of seven of these methods do.  Storyline messaging hasn't really taken off in entertainment because it takes a lot of work to execute effectively.  All in all, these methods often come across as insincere and at times insulting to viewers.

We believe that there is a logical middle ground between full blown commercial-based TV and integrated advertising.  We believe that it is possible to create commercial-free TV that has the same production value and advanced storylines that we expect out of entertainment.  Furthermore, we believe that this can be done by bringing brands into the mix of the show so that the entire production is brand-funded.  True brand-funded media is in the interests of both parties because production companies need to produce a show and companies still want consumer exposure for their products. 

In the current market however, companies aren't getting the exposure they need.  No one watches commercials anymore.  If you're like us the second you hear an ad you rush to hit the mute button on your remote.  This should be troubling for advertisers because this means that no one is hearing their message.  The way to circumvent this problem is by creatively integrating ad content into the show not through signage or foreground integration which doesn't do anything that muted commercials don't do, but by bringing the advertisers story together with the characters and story in the show.

Below is an example from our TV show Living History.  The cold open of the show functions as a make-shift ad almost, but it still serves a narrative function and moves the plot forward.

This is simple two character scene serves two functions: it establishes the setting and delivers a joke.  At the same time it also delivers a memorable scene involving a sponsor that took less than a minute to develop.  This is the future of integrated advertising.  No huge signage is necessary, no commercial interruptions are necessary, only one well-crafted interaction between characters was required to deliver a message that takes most advertisers at least thirty seconds to do.  This is what we do and we'd like you to be a part of the future of brand-funded content.  Click here to learn more about our model.